Code of Practice

Aim of the Code
The aim of this Code of Practice is to provide you with information on how we will conduct ourselves in order to provide you with a high-quality service.
In this Code of Practice you will find information on how to contact us, our services, how to apply for our services, what happens if payments are not received on time, and how to make a formal complaint.
Your statutory rights are unaffected by any of the contents of the Code of Practice and its contents do not constitute a contract between Sapphire and you the Customer.

How to Contact us
Our website should be your first point of contact:
It contains all the information you should need on all of our services as well as our terms and privacy policy and also includes online contact forms which will be properly routed to the correct personnel/department.
If you wish to email us directly you may do so to and your query/issue will be forwarded to the appropriate personnel/department.
If you wish to contact us confidentially regarding any abusive website you may have come across then you may do so by sending an email to
If you wish to contact us to make a complaint then please see our complaints section further on in this document.
You can call us by telephone for all queries on +350 2222 0000.
Finally, you can visit us at our premises at:

Suite 3.0.3

Our working hours are 9:00am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday. However, our technical support is manned 24/7 and will respond to any calls, emails or voicemails received after working hours in accordance with the terms of any contracted service.

Description of our Services
We are Gibraltar’s leading Fibre telecommunications operator, providing reliable high-speed Internet, telephone and TV packages to local businesses. Full details on all our services can be found on our website at

Signing up
You can find full details of all our Business and Enterprise services on our website. If you have any queries or wish to contract a service, please contact us at or and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

Directory Enquiry Service
You can access directory enquiries on telephone number 11811.

You will be invoiced monthly and the invoice will be sent to you via email. The invoice will contain a breakdown of all your services.
Our prices are published on our website. Internet, TV and SIP trunk telephony monthly fees are invoiced in advance, and telephone calls made during the month are invoiced in arrears.

Paying Your Bills
Payment can be made via bank transfer or cheque.

If Payment Is Not Received
Payment is due on the 1st of every month. If payment is not received by the 21st of the month we will send you reminders by email and take any necessary action in accordance with the terms of the contracted service.

Customers with Special Needs
We will always give priority to customers with Special Needs wherever possible.

We want to ensure that we give you the best possible service. However, things do go wrong, and when they do we need to know about it so that we can ensure a satisfactory resolution.
We aim to correct the problem you encounter to your satisfaction and our Customer Support Team will try to solve your problem as soon as possible via our normal fault reporting channels.
If you are not satisfied with the way your issue has been dealt with, please ask to speak to a Support Manager or send us an email to We will carry out a review of how your query was handled and will work with you to try to ensure a satisfactory conclusion is reached within 5 working days. All complaints will be treated confidentially and in accordance with our Privacy Policy as published on our website.
If you still feel that your complaint has not been dealt with to your satisfaction you may contact the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority.
It will be quicker if you contact us directly before referring the matter to the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority as they will need to be satisfied that we have had an opportunity to deal with your complaint. If you have not been in contact with us first the Authority will probably refer the matter back to us.
The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority is the Government Department set up to regulate telecommunications in Gibraltar. It is empowered by law to ensure that all telecommunications operators meet their obligations under the Regulations. It can also arbitrate, with your prior agreement, any dispute/complaint you may have involving our services. This scheme offers an easier resolution to disputes without engaging in potentially expensive legal action. Please however be advised that any application to arbitration does not discharge or relieve you of any obligations you may have to pay us any amount that is not in dispute.
Please contact us, or the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, if you require further information on arbitration.

Your Privacy
We value your privacy and adhere to the GDPR. You can find more information in our Privacy Policy on our website.