• sapphire enterprise datacentre gibraltar

    International and online businesses requiring the ultimate in connection reliability, flexibility, performance and support for critical data centre-hosted applications

  • sapphire business vlan, pbx telephone system, wifi

    True business-class Internet for small-to-medium sized offices with options for additional sites via VLANs, PBX telephone systems, dedicated Wi-Fi bandwith and multiple TVs

  • sapphire soho small business multi-line telephony low cost calls

    For smaller businesses or home office use, including bundled multi-line telephony with low-cost calls, visit

  • Gibraltar-based telecommunications provider of high-availability network services
  • Specialising in global solutions for online gaming and financial services, as well as solutions for small-medium sized businesses that depend on cloud services
  • Qualified team of experts working to international standards
sapphire - gibralar telecommunications provider network online gaming financial
  • Dual presence in La Linea (Spain) mitigates single point of failure
  • Network designed from the ground up for resilience
  • Fully resilient core network, geographically separated across two sites in Gibraltar with 2N backup power systems
  • Fibre rings around Gibraltar and into Spain, owned and operated by Sapphire
  • Fibre network avoids sharing ducts with the incumbent telco
  • Resilient dual fibre connectivity to all major local data centres and enterprise customers
  • Fully licensed operator also in Spain
sapphire - core network gibraltar fibre fully licensed
  • Connectivity via multiple diverse 10GbE circuits between Gibraltar and Madrid
  • Resilient connectivity across two PoPs in Madrid
  • Multiple IP transit providers on n x 10Gbps ports in Madrid (including Telia, NTT and CenturyLink)
  • Fully IPv6 enabled backbone
  • Members of LINX, DE-CIX and ESPANIX peering exchanges via resilient connectivity from Madrid
  • Direct peering with top UK and European ISPs and content providers
Sapphire Networks Map Sapphire Networks Map


Suite 942, Europort
Europort Road

Customer Services:

Opening Hours: 09.00 - 17:30
+350 200 47 200

Technical Support:

Opening Hours: 09.00 - 17:30
+350 200 47 200

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